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Free Scrap Car Removal - Newhaven BN9 Notification guaranteed Free Collection for Scrappage and Salvage in Newhaven BN9

We are an Evironment Agency Approved Contractor certified for scap car removal and disposal in the Newhaven BN9 area. With the recent tightening up on the law in vehicle taxation scrap cars in your possesion can become a liability costing you money in fines and/or repairs to keep them roadworthy. We can remove your scrap car for free from Newhaven BN9, or if it is a later model offer you a fair price for its scrap value. Even if the scrap car is completely unroadworthy or wheel less we can remove with one of our fleet of recovery/transporter vehicles no matter where it is situated. Free collection for scrappage and salvage in Newhaven BN9.

Why you should use us for scrap car removal in Newhaven BN9

We have been operating in the Newhaven BN9 area for over 20 years and have built up a reputation for a speedy, hassle free solution to your scrap car problems. We do not work to standard hours, we work to your shedule. In other words we can facilitate scrap car removal any time 24 hours a day including Saturdays and Sundays.

We guarantee to notify the DVLA of the change in status of ownership of your vehicle so there are no risks of you being chased or hassled by the DVLA for fines or any other problems that can arise from the paperwork being handled incorrectly. One of the problems with scrap cars is that they make an area look unsightly and run down, so if you have any scrap cars in your immediate area call us now and we can arrange to have the removed, as we stated before it does not matter what condition they are in as we can lift them out of almost anywhere. Free collection for scrappage and salvage in Newhaven BN9.

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